SDMX Data and Metadata Management

Fusion Registry® 9

Fusion Registry 9 is a complete and fully integrated SDMX data and metadata management system.

Whether you require a metadata repository supporting a high performance data dissemination system, data portal, or a fully managed data collection system, the Fusion Registry 9 Enterprise Edition provides the holistic data and metadata management required.

The Enterprise Edition is in daily use by central banks , national statistics authorities, and international organisations for data collection, data dissemination, and integrated data and metadata management.

Fusion Registry 9 Community Edition focuses on structural metadata management making it ideal for organisations that require a single source of these metadata, whilst managing their own data repositories separately. And it’s free to use.

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Fusion Registry Community Edition

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Fusion Registry 9 is platform agnostic.

Its web user interface and comprehensive web services API mean it can be easily deployed on premises, or on the cloud.

Enterprise Edition
  • SDMX Structural Metadata Management
  • SDMX Validation and Transformation
  • SDMX Reference Metadata Repository
  • SDMX Data Management, Data Collection and Data Dissemination
  • IM-JS Web Developer API
  • Enterprise Deployment

Solutions, which include fully managed cloud-based software as a service options, are individually designed to meet your specific requirements.


Fusion Registry 9 Enterprise Edition licence and support packages are available on an annual subscription basis. Contact us to discuss your requirements

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Community Edition
  • SDMX Structural Metadata Management
  • SDMX Validation and Transformation

Fusion Registry 9 Community Edition is Free to use.

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Support Options

By default, there’s no support for the Community Edition. However, we can provide SLA based support contracts.

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Structural Metadata

Structural Metadata principally describes how statistical data is structured and, as such provides a clear definition of how that data should be created and interpreted.

Fusion Registry 9 acts as a controlled central source for your organisation’s SDMX structural metadata.

A complete set of tools are provided for authoring, validating, maintaining, importing and exporting structural metadata.

Community and Enterprise Editions.

Data Validation and Transformation

Maintaining data compliance is essential.

Fusion Registry 9’s data validation engine allows SDMX data to be rigorously checked for compliance against the metadata.

Checks includes both syntactic and semantic compliance (including dimensionality, concepts, codes), consistency with specific sub set constraints, and detection of duplicate observations.

SDMX-ML, Excel and CSV data formats are supported for both input and output. This allows CSV data for instance to be transformed and output as SDMX-ML.

Community and Enterprise Editions.

Data Collection and Dissemination

The high performance aggregated virtual data warehouse makes Fusion Registry 9 Enterprise Edition ideal as the core component for both simple and more demanding dissemination applications.

Data from local databases (MySQL, SQL Server or Oracle) can be seamlessly integrated with that from multiple remote data providers to present a single consolidated view.

Fusion Registry’s built-in query builder and data browsing facilities provide both casual users, and professional statisticians and data scientists with a set of powerful tools for discovering and exploring the data-sets available.

Additionally, the REST web services API allows data to be disseminated through a whole range of other channels including custom web sites, apps and connectors for stats packages such as ‘R’ and Matlab.

Native load balancer support means the system is highly horizontally scalable, ensuring capacity can be easily matched to demand.

Enterprise Edition only.

IM-JS Web Developer API

Metadata Technology’s IM-JS JavaScript framework provides web application developers with a toolkit for building rich and responsive statistical dissemination web sites or client apps, without needing an in-depth understanding of SDMX.

The framework communicates with an instance of the Fusion Registry, or Fusion Node using the REST API providing a simple, loosely coupled solution.

Enterprise Edition only.

Fusion Registry 9 Command Line

Fusion Registry 9 Command Line is a command line interface option for the Fusion Registry 9 Enterprise Edition allowing automation of data processing tasks through batch processing and scripting.

Enterprise Edition only.